Will you consent to Be Love

Do we live and relate to each other as a confession or as an expression of the Love of the Great Passionate Mystery that is Life?
Do you live by the deep psyche’s love that is the Heart of your nature, or do you live and think and react to the objects, and so-called facts, of your experience?
This is really worth the effort of critical understanding and self-enquiry.
— Sri Yanchiji

We do have a choice here in this realm of beginnings, changes and endings. We can either be frightfully impressed with our always impending individual annihilation, or we can be drawn out of that discontent by Love of the Great Gift of Life that you and I and all manifestation abide in.  
We can either exist as a victim of Life or we can Live as Life’s Gift.

Are we prepared to sacrifice the tendency of clinging to our bodily individual self in order to make possible the emotional feeling of Union with all manifestation? The great test and proof of our humanity here in this conditional realm is not so much what we know about each other, or spiritual practice, or what we know about compassion and so forth, but rather our emotional relatedness in Unity to all manifestation.

Do we live and relate to each other as a confession or as an expression of the Love of the Great Passionate Mystery that is Life?
Do you live by the deep psyche’s love that is the Heart of your nature, or do you live and think and react to the objects, and so-called facts, of your experience?
This is really worth the effort of critical understanding and self-enquiry.

The transformation from a worldly, or spiritually self-involved, self-concerned discontent and its constant wanting as justification for all its petty hurts, to a remembering and giving Life-Being, is entirely within the process of Love.

Being in Love is the Process, not the goal. Being in Love means our emotionally deep and satisfying feeling of Intimacy with Life, not just with its conditions. Love is the quality of surrender, or submission of egoic-self into the Source of Life that is the Heart of all.

The quality of our nature beyond our self-concern is Love.
It is the fundamental quality of our Inherent Being-ness.

To be in Love is to be enjoying the Freedom of your Native Being. There is nothing particularly heroic about it, nor is there anything necessarily saintly or holy about it. And, it does not negate your own individual uniqueness.

The principle qualities of the Way of self-transcendence are bodily love and gratitude for Life Itself, whatever the conditions that arise.

Without the bodily qualities of love and gratitude there is no real surrender of the ego-self-protection-pride model to allow the emergence of the inner Inherent Being to inform and motivate the individual body/mind person.

Furthermore, without the self-forgetting quality of love, there is no illumination into which transcendental knowledge can be assimilated. Spiritual Realization is the Condition of Love, or Love is the Principle of Spiritual Realization.

Without the bodily qualities of love and gratitude for Life Itself, all understanding, all meditation, all endeavors to “join the dots” of spiritual understanding and all our being drawn towards our favorite spiritual teachers are ultimately useless, in terms of Realizing Liberation from the tyranny of one’s own worldly indoctrinated mind.

Without present love and gratitude for the mysterious wonder of your own existence, spiritual practice is just another form of the ego’s desire for mythical consoling fantasies, along with acquiring so-called “higher” ideals for judging the behaviour of others. These just make one feel more “right”.

If one truly wants to realise the peace of one’s inner Being, one must already feel in the body/mind the qualities of love and gratitude for merely being at all.

When our conscious feeling state is less-love, with desires for the satisfaction of the egoic-self, one is always concerned about one’s own bodily status, and one’s own bodily honor. The love-less person who attempts to engage in Meditation with and as the Spiritual Reality only takes in that which fits with his or her concerns about bodily-self salvation, privilege, merit, and importance, while rejecting everything that threatens to expose his or her crudely camouflaged methods of seeking love rather than Being Love.

In the absence of gratitude and love for Life Itself, we are dominated and motivated by an uneasy sensation of emotional estrangement from Life and therefore from others.

The egoic or self-centered individual desires much more to be loved than to exist as Love.
Only when one is free from self-important pride (as opposed to a natural sense of worthiness) can one begin further Love Surrender into the tacit bodily feeling of Union or the Spiritual Realization of one’s own existence.

The one who is Love-less makes all things complicated as well as difficult and is always disconcerted. He or she deludes him- or herself with ideas that he or she is the controller of the material world. That one is sure he or she can control conditions in such a way as to make oneself happy, and what’s more, in a way that is better for others also.
Such humans extend their ‘rites of ego’ to include ownership of land and people and animals. Humans suffering from the delusions of Love-less-ness consider land and the earth’s resources to be owned by their own culture or society. When will we learn that human society, no matter what cultural form it assumes, does not own the earth or the Being of any individual?

When we love less than our desire to be fulfilled through another, always (not too far beneath the surface) the germs of impatience, judgment, dissatisfaction and antagonism are lurking, ready to infect our so-called acts of love.

Where there are already the bodily qualities of gratitude and love, one extends one’s Life-Meditation/Practice into one’s practical duties without concern about whether one will receive bodily status or rewards for loving.

Any activity performed in the absence of bodily love and gratitude for Life already will always be tainted with the possibility of experiencing personal rejection, feeling unappreciated, or the sense of being owed something and dissatisfaction at Life.

When we love less and want more, our mind churns out endless thoughts of disapproval of others, discontent, justifications for remaining emotionally withdrawn and perfectly good reasons to demand explanations that will satisfy us, also thoughts of loneliness and greed.

Those who are actually serious about living life in a truly human way must embody the qualities of love and gratitude for merely Being.
Either you recognize your own bodily existence to be always presently a profound affair, no matter what conditions prevail around you, or you do not recognize your Self in such a way.

Those who are actually and truly serious about laying down a foundation so that their human life will express truly human qualities must already be actively living the qualities of love and gratitude for the already miraculous opportunity of breath, as well as wonder and Being.

We must already be over our self-concerned inclination to find fault in someone else, rather than taking self-responsibility for our own love-less-ness.

When one has been made truly profound by the critical insight and understanding of the failure of seeking, one is no longer trying to restore one’s self by trying to understand someone else’s behavior. The restoration of Love is enough.

Love is Crazy because it requires no other and therefore is not qualified by another. Love is Crazy Wisdom. For the sake of your Life, consent to be Love-Crazy rather than the more seriously acceptable loveless insane.

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NB: This Teaching, this Understanding, this Way of Life does not preclude a person who is already in Love partaking in an intimate emotional/sexual relationship with another person who is also already in Love…”
Wouldn’t it be great if it began like that rather than with blah blah hopeful and sex?