Sanctuary of Spiritual Master Sri Yanchiji

"I do not speak as a person. I do not realize myself as a person. I do not relate to myself as a person. I do not relate to you as a person. I am Nature. I am not a person. I am Nature. You are Nature." 
- Sri Yanchiji


Sri Yanchiji

Sri Yanchiji is a living, enlightened Spiritual Master. 

"It is through the Direct and Tacit Relationship with the Awakened Spiritual State of the Renunciate “Teacher” that one begins to Awaken to the Spiritual Identity or State of their own bodily existence." - Sri Yanchiji

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About Tushita HERMITAGE

Tushita Hermitage provides a unique opportunity to study The Way of Love with Sri Yanchiji in a profound and beautiful setting.



Any attendance at Tushita Hermitage is by permission only and must be arranged beforehand. There are pre-arranged dates and times for formal visits to Tushita Hermitage. The application process for these visits can be found here.