The Tushita Hermitage provides a most unusual and profound environment for deep learning and self-understanding. It is both a physical location as well as an unconditional and devotional way of life. The Tushita Hermitage provides the physical and psychic location for formal students to learn and understand what it means to be truly awake in the world, to live in an un-harmful way and to devote themselves to Life itself. 

Facilities and Setting

  • A large space set amongst sub-tropical bush with a beautiful landscape and setting

  • Shared accommodation

  • Modern, clean bathrooms and showers

  • Shared dining room and areas where you can choose to be alone, should you wish

Accommodation and Meals

On-site accommodation and vegetarian meals are provided for you.  Accommodation is in shared rooms.

Karma Yoga

During Formal visits to Tushita Hermitage you will be invited to engage in Karma Yoga. This can include physical tasks such as cleaning, serving, gardening, maintenance and so on. Time is set aside during each day for this.