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Teaching usually implies accumulation of knowledge from an outside source, through a teacher who has also accumulated knowledge and understanding.

Realisation, happens through “elimination of” or distraction from, knowledge accumulated from outside of yourself. This gives your body the ability to become available to its “inner Life”. Not the inner life of thoughts and ideas, but the sense of Life prior to these.

And, although this is about Realisation, we do talk about teaching and teacher.

In the practice and discipline of Truth Realisation..a person cannot be given external knowledge to learn about their inner Life. This Life is already inherent and available to you.
The teaching therefore is a cultivation of understanding and stimulaton of feelings that align the Truth of inner Life nature, to your body/mind faculties. It is essentially revelation/transmission work, by a person that is living that realised state of unity.

However, a partnership, relationship, needs to be established.
The teacher stimulates the student, firstly through their presence or their energy disposition and then their actions and words . 

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Activation of attraction happens when the student is in the same reciprocating feeling state, that the teacher is living or that teachers inner Life.  A students own sense of spirit or Life energy must be stimulated through their spontaneous Love and attraction. A natural and genuine feeling of Love and Devotion needs to occur towards that teachers inner Life, and therefore that teacher.

In time, for the student, there is an easy wish to serve through full feeling devotion, to the Truth, as represented by the teacher and felt internally by the student. The teacher begins to guide the student into their waking up process and the student listens both externally to the teacher and inside to themselves,  understanding both are essentially the same voice of Love.

This is the beginning of a most unusual relationship.  The relationship of Awakening to the Truth of what you are.

It is a sacred and most profound teaching process and requires a unique maintenance of the relationship of Love for what that teacher is manifesting and represents and what a student realises is their own inherent source.
The teaching or revelation through the teachers Love presence, their Life presence or spiritual presence helps stimulate and activate the students central nervous system so that they slowly become disinterested in perceived limitations. Eventually what is left over or what becomes available, is the feeling of Love/Bliss that is the inherent binding nature of all things.

It requires, right relationship through devotional reciprocation, attention, and the absolute willingness to surrender through these responses, to that teacher within the Hermitage environment.

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In Tushita Hermitage there are various levels of teaching, so at the beginning there are those who work for and offer the external written principles of the spiritual teacher.  However they also, do this by representing to some degree a devotion to their great Relationship with the teachers who live that principle and it is this that should be felt, the most, by anyone, in a beginning teaching role at Beloved Tushita Hermitage.

Teaching/Revelation work is allowed when a person after many years has demonstrated through their continued Life intelligence and as recognised by their teacher, that they are ready.  At this time. if this becomes their function and they  have the opportunity to still be in their masters physical company,  the formal outer blessing by their teacher, complements the inner blessing felt  most profoundly and consistently now, by the student. 
The Master has taken the seat and the teaching becomes available also, through another body/mind.