What is the point of Spiritual Practice if it does not give rise to the Heart naturally breaking open OVER THE SUFFERING OF ALL CREATURES?

The materialistic aspect of existence is not the enemy, it is not the problem. However, when our daily lives are bereft of practical rituals reminding us and enjoining us with the Sacred Substance, the Spiritual Reality of all existence, we forget our Sacred Agreement with the Earth and all species.
— Sri Yanchiji

When I use the word Spiritual I am not referring to any religious belief system nor am I suggesting a so-called supernatural dimension.
I am referring to the Sacred Substance, the Primal Life-Energy that is the Native Condition of all Nature.

Popular religious and spiritual endeavour has very little, or nothing to do with awakening our necessary reciprocal, mutual, respectful, reverential, and altogether spiritual integration with nature. Absolutely not. It is nothing more than another human-created order, imposed upon all existence for the sake of further separating and elevating humans themselves above the already natural order of nature.

Orthodox religious and spiritual beliefs and dogma are either against or at best uncomfortable with evolution. Natural Life-Force evolution is incompatible with religious creator theory. Religious belief and dogma is the content of our own egoic fear reaction to existence. From within the ego’s psyche we have a mentality of insisting we must control, we must impose an order on existence, on nature.
In other words, we think it is our “superior right” to interfere.

However, with or without us, the great natural forces of nature are already attending to evolution. Evolution is not something we humans bring about or create or make possible by way of so-called advancements in scientific, technological inventions or political-economic systems of order.
We do not “make” evolution; evolution is a process designed by Life for the sake of Life.

However, we tend to concentrate our attention on the physical aspect of Life alone. The materialistic/physical aspect of nature tends to dominate our relatedness to Life, our reaction to Life.
We tend to react only and entirely to the materialistic aspect of nature, and therefore to the materialistic sense of our destiny.
In any event, when our attention is dominated by and absorbed in the materialistic aspect of nature, our reactive engagement with life is fear.

It is from within this reaction of fear we create the religions and spiritual “practices” and social political economic systems that further capture our attention within fear-based functions.

We are all the time involved in our own ego-based ritualisation of existence. In other words our current materialistic materialism-dominated daily life is consumed in fear-based functions and thinking and consolations that reinforce and solidify our fear-based reaction to existence.
To this end the dominant religious institution of our age is global materialistic business consumerism. The physical or materialistic aspect of existence consumes our attention and in turn we, with ever more rapacious greed, consume materialism.

The materialistic aspect of existence is not the enemy, it is not the problem. However, when our daily lives are bereft of practical rituals reminding us and enjoining us with the Sacred Substance, the Spiritual Reality of all existence, we forget our Sacred Agreement with the Earth and all species.

Where ever there is a breakdown in harmony and integration and reverence for the Sacred Substance, the Living Mysterious Life-Force upon which all existence depends, there is discord, conflict, anxiety, division, and self-saving greed.

In the absence of our highest moral obligation to maintain a Sacred Adherence to all existence, we become too much weighted down by the burden of our narrow materialistic, or bodily-based identities, for instance by nationality, religion, culture, class, gender, race and so on. All of which are divisive concepts and mental constraints that albeit give lip service to the spiritual but are, however, based on the physical identity.

We each lose our Inherent Dignity and Real Integrity, our Whole-listic Perception, when we adhere to a bodily-based identity system.
Adherence to the man-made social/cultural system becomes the ritualistic behavioural moral imperative. Rather than our collective moral responsibility to submit our human existence to the Spiritual Reality, we speak of the Spiritual as a means of reinforcing the man-made cultural group.

The Sacred Substance or Spiritual Reality of all existence is the Unifying Being without differentiation. It is the One Life-Force all existence depends on.

We must free ourselves from the common sub-human ego-fear (identity based in the physical aspect of existence) that holds together people according to race, nationality, religion, sect and so on.
If we are to Awaken to the One Nature Realisation, we must put aside our human-made divisions that prevent the Heart breaking open with overwhelming inclusive Love.
If we are to awaken and restore the bond between all humans and all nature, we must cease using our arguments and beliefs about the Spiritual for the purpose of differentiating and defining our man-made religious and social/cultural groups.

We cannot continue to ignore the human-made split between spirit and matter.
There is no time to be arguing our cultural religious individual differences.
The great ordeal humanity is facing collectively is how to reclaim a consciousness that is not dominated by the fear of physical existence, the fear of difference.
We must awaken and ritualistically energise our necessary reciprocal, mutual, respectful, reverential, ego-less relationship between humans and nature, regardless of any religious cultural political method of identity.

Until we realise this earth is a living Being just as you and I are, with feelings, sensitivities and the capacity to suffer, we will not truly yield to its Sacred Substance, its Sacred Psyche and Intelligence.

Yes, it is true that I am not much interested in the ancestral story of the culture I took birth in nor, for that matter, any other human-cultural identity construct.
Over my short existence here I have noticed so many more species than human sharing this earth with me. And, because of their obvious adherence to the laws of nature, I became much more curious and interested in the ancestral story of the trees, the sharks, the mountains, the birds, the earth, and the beasts of burden.

Yes, I have also struggled to maintain a balance between this conditional dimension and the unconditional energy dimension. However, I have always been compelled in the midst of that ordeal to obey the Primal Heart’s demand to overlook everything in order to forgo into Love. And, I have never said that is always easy. I have said, however, it is Graceful.

I ever increasingly want to further devote my existence to go to whatever lengths necessary to protect Life. Every being, every sentient creature must be given the opportunity to embody their Spirit, their Inherent Essence, their Primal Innocence and Wonder.

As my human life deepens towards vanishing I feel the ever-increasing demand to attend to an old silence in which I understand better the love letters the pukeko and spider that live wildly by my side are sending me.

Let us be profoundly clear at last; the real weapon of destruction in this world is the hardened Heart.

If a vulnerable open Heart means suffering a kind of impersonal eccentric madness for the sake of all sentient creatures, for all Nature, then that is a Lover’s destiny.

Time is up. Be a Lover. Now.