The anti-Life presumption of human supremacy 

For as long as a human tries to live as if she or he was a separate piece of life, surrounded by endless others separate pieces of life, he or she will be in a fear response to Life. There is no such thing as separate pieces of Life – there is only Life.
— Sri Yanchiji

Human supremacy is the underlying principle and motive of what has become a diseased human culture. The presumption of human supremacy legitimizes, promotes and even enforces what is actually violent terrorism on all other living creatures of the earth. The presumption of human supremacy justifies and supports private ownership, materialistic greed and the false belief that human intelligence is superior to the Intelligence of Nature. 

This presumption is not specific to one culture or another. Humans of various cultures and skin pigments and ideologies have elevated their particular egocentric beliefs and “truths” over those of other humans, and most devastatingly over all the creatures of Life. Doing this is a trans-cultural human disease. 

The many symptoms of the disease of presumed human superiority are so often singled out by conveniently labelling them by race or colour, nationality or ideology and so forth. However, call the disease by whatever name, it smells just the same. 

It might be worth considering why humans find the need to create ideologies and beliefs, economies and nationalities that reinforce their separateness from each other and all Nature? What is it about humans that constrains them in fact to immune their species from the Universal Laws of Life that all other living creatures and plants abide by? Why are humans so afraid of existence, so afraid of Life, that it compels them to continually perpetuate the worst act of violence on this earth - the presumption of superiority and dominance over all life? 

Well, it is, I suggest, unquestionably obvious. We are afraid. We are afraid because we exist and we observe that our bodily existence comes to an end. Along with this fear, we also use (or more correctly squander) our so-called higher intelligence in every kind of endeavour to distract our selves from the fear rather than understanding the root of fear. 

This fear is our fundamental response to existence. It is our human species’ fear response to existence that spawns and develops common religions, conventional spirituality, popular political and cultural ideologies, and everyday life. 

It is this fear response to existence that provides the rationale behind humans’ self-important argument for their own safety and survival. No other species on this earth yells and screams so loud for their safety and survival as the human animal. 

Of course we are fearful. For as long as a human tries to live as if she or he was a separate piece of life, surrounded by endless others separate pieces of life, he or she will be in a fear response to Life. There is no such thing as separate pieces of Life – there is only Life. What is the underlying concern or even contaminant in our human conversations and relationships? What is it that provokes competitiveness, envy and jealousy between us rather than easy co-operation? It is, I suggest, the private ownership of a separate piece of life called “my” life – the ego. 

The human animal in its so-called higher intelligence has withdrawn from Life into a “my” life, a separate piece of life, a special piece of life, an identity superior to all other pieces of life. Oh, we hide this preferential piece of life behind all kinds of seemingly plausible moral and spiritual and self-satisfying arguments and justifications. In fact it so seamlessly becomes the “love rationale” for our relationships. 

The piece of life that is “my” life IS fear. It contains a lurking anxiety for its own safety and survival. The presumption of a “my” life is the result of our severance from Life It Self. It is the outcome of our disconnection from our true relationship to That which the body-mind depends on. The body-mind is always in relationship to That which it depends on - Life or the Spiritual Real. 

However, the one we so commonly call “I” or “my” is the one who depends on his or her “own” body-mind. In other words, the usual ‘I” we refer to as “our self” is not in relationship to the Universal Life that Lives all body-minds but is in a tight and anxious relatedness to the temporary “my” body-mind. This can never be anything other than fearful and anxious because the body-mind is always changing, aging and ever more quickly slipping towards its use-by date. 

The “I” we typically refer to as “our-self” most commonly represents a withdrawal from Life, a withdrawal into a separate piece of life. Well, let us stop talking falsely now (thank you Dylan) the hour is getting late. To strut around as a separate piece of life is, of course, a piece of insanity. 

The separate piece of life, the ego “I” is anxiously trying to create its “my” life out of its own reflection, its own projection onto Life. Existence becomes whatever we make of it according to our own reflection, our own obsession with our “private piece of life” 

And in doing so, “I” seeks to be relieved of its own self-created fear, it seeks to be satisfied within its own separated self by indulging in its “my” preferred possibilities. It is always on the lookout for its self. Whenever something or someone “makes” this separate piece of life happy he or she will declare they have found them self. 

My point is this. Spiritual Life IS Life. It is not a safety net for a separate piece of life. It is not a support for presumed human supremacy. It is not a polite discussion. It is not an ideology. And it most certainly is not a belief system that reinforces the human supremacy culture that is utterly bereft of Wisdom, completely anti Life, dismally unintelligent, arrogantly predatory and materialistically tyrannical. 

Spiritual Life is not safe, it is not human-centred, it is not “you love me and I love you” and all that soft-minded, self-important nonsense. 

Spiritual Life is not a support for a “my” life. It is, in fact and in Truth, an affront, an outrage, a brilliant slap in the face to the “my” life. It is Freedom from the cage of a “my” life. 

One more thing while I am here. We humans had better wake up now to the Great Relationship, the Relationship we actually rely on. We may very well have come here in different wakas but now, in the year 2019, we are all in the same boat.