When you were born you were born as Your Self - your Consciousness was not yet conditioned. That unconditioned Consciousness is still there, still You, but it is full of conditioning and that conditioning is not true of you. Our conditioned Consciousness dislocates and estranges us from our Self.
— Sri Yanchiji


 Let us begin at the beginning. The Principle of Spiritual Practice is to become profoundly involved in That which is always already Inherent – the Self-Existing Love Position. 
The “teaching” is the Awakening and restoration of our Unconditioned Consciousness, our Inherent Life-Given Consciousness – the Present Self-Existing Love Position. 

Far from being idealistic, unrealistic, high-flown and remote from everyday life, our Awakening and Practice of our Inherent or Unconditioned Happy Self is the most realistic, honest-to-self, Life-grounded, True to Life obligation. 

When you were born you were born as Your Self - your Consciousness was not yet conditioned. That unconditioned Consciousness is still there, still You, but it is full of conditioning and that conditioning is not true of you. Our conditioned Consciousness dislocates and estranges us from our Self. 

 At this point it is necessary to understand that all forms of conditioned Consciousness are based on the body-mind. For example, socialized Consciousness, cultural Consciousness, nationalistic Consciousness and gender Consciousness are all forms of conditioned Consciousness based on the body-mind. None of these variations of conditioned Consciousness are True of You. 

 The Truth of You and I is our unconditioned Consciousness, the First Consciousness. 
What do I mean by the First Consciousness? Our First Consciousness was and is our unconditioned Consciousness, our Life-Given Consciousness. You and I arrived in this world established in the Inherent Life-Consciousness Self. You and I are, at this moment and always, established and held in That which is Inherently Happy, Free, Love-full and Awesome. “I” (the unconditioned Conscious “I”) does not need to be established in any other form of Consciousness. “I” as “You” is already Gracefully established in Its Source Condition – Life or Love. 

However, this First Consciousness, this Life-Given Consciousness is soon interfered with, spoiled, reined in or cobbled to a cultural Consciousness, a socialized Consciousness, a nationalistic Consciousness, a false indoctrinated Consciousness and so on. 

 Our First Consciousness, our Inherent Radiant Free Happy Consciousness, becomes confined within borders in order to adapt to worldly identification. This being so, the most powerful and well-fortified border limiting the Realisation of our True State is the body–mind, the individuated Consciousness. 

Ego is simply the obsessive and compulsive idea of self, based on the body-mind. In other words, we objectify our self and on that basis we suffer all the sensations of limitation and dependence on other objects, other people and experiences to feel happy, to feel released from our sensations of feeling apart. We become “dependent” or “attached” to the idea we cannot be presently happy, free, awesome, wonderful, open and full of Life unless we have someone loving us, or some experience that makes us happy. 

For all the so-called club-mentality benefits and the false sense of security we get from adhering to conditioned Consciousness and its relations, it compels us to live a lie. Conditioned Consciousness – fundamentally our compulsive-obsessive associations and our ideas of Self, based on the body-mind – separates us from our Inherent Self Happiness. 

On this basis we come to believe the lie that Love and Happiness are somewhere else, to be found through another, somewhere else in another kind of experience. Something we have to create with another. And generally, that is exactly what we do. Before long we find our relationships are not based in Inherent Love but rather, we spend a great deal of energy and attention creating the satisfaction we want. 

As I am sure you know, within the foundational teachings of the Spiritual Traditions much has been said about understanding desire, attachment and identification. However, there seems to be a fundamental confusion or perhaps even resistance, to truly understanding the essential significance and meaning of these words in the context of Spiritual Practice. 

The Principle and Way of Spiritual Life is to strengthen, elevate and magnify the Inherent Heart of Happiness into all relations. 

However, from the point of view of conditioned Consciousness, we become attached to the idea, the deep-seated belief that without relations, without things, without sex, without friends, we cannot be Happy. We become attached to the lie that we cannot be in Love unless there is another. 

Attachment, in the context of understanding what Spiritual Practice is about, is referring to our common habit of depending on others, relations, experiences, knowledge and states to feel happy, to feel secure, to feel love. Attachment has nothing to do with sharing one’s inherent self-happiness with another. Attachment has nothing to do with either being in a relationship or not being in a relationship. 

From this point of view we become dependent on others and relations and the body-mind itself for Happiness, Love and our sense of satisfaction. No matter what form of Spiritual Practice or relationships we propose to enter into, whatever we are doing, whether it is work or sex or relationships or meditation, we are in fact continually involved in one or other modification or “treatment” to counter the limiting effects of our own dissociation from our Life-Given, Inherently Free Happy Self. 

Without being awake to what we are doing, to what is really motivating us, we assume (unconsciously) that Spiritual Practice also is a kind of curative treatment - an experience or relationship with a “practice” and/or teacher that will make us Happy. And, if the practice or teacher or relationship does not generate that happiness, that satisfaction we seek, we abandon the situation for another possibility. We go on to find some other relational interaction, some other experience, some other pursuit, some other possibility. 

 To understand the Principle of Spiritual Life, one must understand one’s compulsive association with the idea of Self, based on the body-mind. If we do not understand the mechanics of our conditioned Consciousness and how it motivates us, we are always involved one way or another in trying to repair or cure the effects of our loss of Heart, our Inherent Well-Being, thinking that is Spiritual Practice or Love Relationship. 

Spiritual Life is the Teaching. The Practice of the teaching is the magnification of the Inherent Self, the unconditioned Consciousness, the Happy-Self-Existence disposition into the sphere of all your relations. 
Wherever you are and whoever you meet. 

The real process of Spiritual Life is to become increasingly involved in our unconditioned Consciousness, that is always in the Freedom State, the Truth State, the State in which we are always unconditionally established and held. 

It is not a matter of relationship or no relationship. It is not a matter of sex or no sex. It is not a matter of being free of relationship but rather, it is a matter of being Free in relationship. Spiritual Practice is the True Moral Life Force we must bring to all relationships. If our relationships are to be the embodiment of Love, we each must magnify our Inherent Love State in the context of our own body-mind first of all, and then we are more able to bring that to all relations. 

 This is our Sacred Duty. 

Our ultimate self-responsibility to each other and to all nature is to discover and bring to Light the Inherent Self, the Life-Given Unconditioned Consciousness – the Place and Source of present Happiness – the Truth Condition. If we do not first of all yield to our Inherent unconditioned Life Consciousness, we are breaking the Thread of our Sacred Unity with Nature. 

The way of Self-Realisation, the way of the Heart, the Way of Spiritual Life is not a matter of arguing for relationship or arguing against relationship. That is not my revelation in your Life. Relations are simply the practical everyday theatre into which we must bring the Inherent Happy Self, if our relations are to be a Freely Evolving Life Process. 

However, if you argue the case for relationship, for sex, for freedom and to be loved before you have yielded into and begun to magnify your own Inherent Pleasurable Self, then yes, I will sound to you as if I am arguing against relationship. That is not the case. You are confusing me with your idealistic search.

My Point of Entrance into your Life is asking you to consider this: at the point of thinking and feeling there is some possibility of being with someone, to get happy with someone, to feel more satisfied with someone, to have sex with someone, that possibility tends to take over our life, our thinking mind. We will abandon the Discovery Process of our True Self for the sake of security and satisfaction through another. 

We will frame up our arguments and objections towards the process of Yielding into the Inherent Self, our Inherent Source of Love with all kinds of seemingly plausible yet specious justifications. We will take umbrage with the Teaching on the grounds we hear it as too idealistic relative to the relations we desire. 

We humans have been disastrously self-deceptive in our egoic arguments that relations of every kind and with all nature are our entitlement to be had for the generation of our happiness and satisfaction. We argue for them in such a way, as if they are our right, our entitlement. 

In this time of our human existence, we are now witnessing the results of our disastrous failure to first of all find within us the Inherent Life-Joy and Pleasure of Being before we create our relations with each other and all Nature. 

It does not take much Prophet Consciousness* to condemn our wanting of relations, of external satisfactions, before we have found the Inherent Source of Love and Happiness in our Self. 

When the demand to first of all locate and magnify our Inherent Happiness is made a constant demand by any True Wisdom Teacher, we commonly come up with all kinds of objections, one of which is the Spiritual Master’s Transmission and Teaching is idealistic or unrealistic or too difficult or does not fit with “my personal situation” and so forth. 

However, the seeking of Happiness or Love through another is not only idealistic and unrealistic; it is Self-irresponsibility. Our refusal to first of all discover the Inherent Self and magnify That into the sphere of all relations is the root cause of our human-generated craven destruction of the biosphere. It is also, of course, the cause of the Wilderness either not entering our relationships or, if it did get a “look in,” it very soon leaves. (The Wilderness is uncertainty.) 

The Real Teaching and Process of Spiritual Life is to become profoundly involved with That which is already Love, already Happy, already Free. Spiritual Life and Its Practice is for the purpose of magnifying our Inherent Unconditioned Nature (Love) into all relationships, all experience and death. Once established again in our Inherently Happy Love-full Self Position, we are capable of True human relationships – relations that make their way on magnifying our Inherent Free Conscious State, rather than using the relationship or conditions or experience to generate Love and satisfaction. We must pervade all relations with our already Alive Inherent Love Fulfillment. Our Inherent Human Spiritual Life must suffuse and inform all relations for the ultimate good of our planet, each other and all sentient creatures. 


*Prophet Consciousness: The Prophetic Tradition is always concerned with do you really mean what you do and say. They constantly condemn as a hypocrite the person who obeys the law and the conditioned Consciousness but claims to be doing Spiritual Life.