introduction to the Tushita heart Hermitage sanctuary

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This introductory weekend is for anyone who is interested in finding out more about Tushita Hermitage and the study of The Way of Life.

Here you are offered how to orientate and traverse this most unusual teaching and unique energetic shrine.

We begin by offering short lectures about your fundamental human life and who you are at this time.
We will ask you to inspect and consider how your mind has been shaped through human culture, society, history, sociology, anthropology and religion.
We will consider how you have gradually formed a conditional idea or image of yourself (through all of these above topics), into an individual thinking mind.

We will talk about Devotion, Love, Guru and how these three profound words have been diluted and misunderstood. The reason these three words are important is because they are the cornerstones of the hearts fundamental practice, of this study.

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The discourses will be taught by Master Renunciate teachers who live in the Hermitage and who have practiced this way for many years.

DATES: 27 JULY - 29 JULY 2019
18 OCTOBER - 20 OCTOBER 2019

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